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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Michelle, ma belle...lalalala

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Hello loves. First of  all, i miss you...

Here's what i've  been doing and i hope soon i can come back to you....

With all my love...

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Friday, February 10, 2012


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IMG_5441 - Copy
IMG_5399 - Copy
IMG_5350 - Copy (2)
IMG_5353 - Copy (2)
IMG_5421 b - Copy
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Hello, loves!

Guess what…=) This look was taken today.=) Yey!!=)

This is what i wore walking around Abu Dhabi. Temperature was perfect and we walked all afternoon. My muscles ache like hell but it’s ok, i rewarded myself with my current obsession: chocolate twist from Costa coffee.=) i gained a few kilos these past couple of months, thanks to jack and red bull. It’s my official gig drink and now all those cans are taking effect. And dieting (for the first time in my life, i am!) while on a holiday is just impossible. So forget it, i’ll starve myself when i get home.=)
Anyway, do you like my hat? i do, i do, i do!!!=) And i have a few new ones and i’m sorry i wasnt able to show them to you but soon, when i start posting my poor little looks in Lair. And yes, now you can see my Gaga-esque hair (You and i music video) which scares children but what to do..=) Hope you like it.=)
And thank you so so so so much to you (you know who you are) who still visit me now and then even if i’m not being a good blogger. =’( My looks are for you.

Love love Kiss Kiss


Hat- DSquared2
Lennon sunnies
Brown jumpsuit- Zara
New York+Paris bag- Catherine Malandrino
Flats/sandals- Versace

Monday, January 16, 2012


IMG_8242 bl - Copy (2)

Hello loves!=)
Nope, i am not gonna apologise again for being MIA. I know you’re tired of that now.=) But be sure i do feel bad.=( But January is a hopefully less hectic than these last 3 months so i am looking forward to posting loads of outfits that are waiting in my “You’re a useless blogger” folder.=)
I am in Dubai right now and having the 2 weeks break i feel i deserve after working my as* like crazy. I havent had a proper break for a year now and i dont think 2 weeks is proper but oh well…and when i get back i have 2 more projects waiting (music side of things) but i am not letting my outfits in that folder rot. We’ll post them, i promise.=)
Like this one, taken last November (as you can see, my hair is still not witchy/gaga-ish) but i’d like to think i wore this today because i’m excited for Spring! Hah!=) I hope you like it. That’s all that matters.=) No, really, i like it, you like it—-done!=)
Have a good Monday my loves.=)

Love Love Kiss Kiss


Colour block top- Gifted
Belt- Emporio Armani
Colour block knit skirt- LB
Shoes- Marc Jacobs
Fur stole-LB 
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